Suppahs come with warm bread, choice of starch and veg
Starches - Baked potato, garlic mashed potatoes, fries, tots or plain wavy chips.
Veg choices - pasta salad, veg of day or coleslaw Side Salad add $1.99
Sub starch choice for-Sweet potato fries add $1 Onion rings or loaded potato add $2 Baked Mac & Cheese add $2.99
(our loaded baked potato is topped with broccoli, bacon and house queso cheese)

House Ribeye


12 oz ribeye chargrilled to temp of choice
Dusted with Montreal seasoning

Ask your server about our nightly steak special!

Fried and True

Fried, broiled or blackened

Lunch Suppah
Haddock $12.95 $15.95
Shrimp $14.95 $18.95
Scallops $17.95 $23.95
Lunch comes with one side & slaw Suppah comes with two sides

Chicken Tender Basket


Crispy fried chicken tenders with
Your choice of dipping sauce

Fried Clams

Market price

Maine whole belly clams
Lightly battered and fried

Steamed Lobster Dinner

Market Price

Fresh caught by hubby today!

Captains Platter


Hope your hungry! Its a platter and a half!
Lightly coated in our own batter blend
Fried Haddock, Clams, Shrimp and Scallops


Fettuccine Alfredo


Fettuccine tossed with creamy homemade Alfredo sauce

add chicken $4 shrimp $6 Lobster (market price)

Chicken Parmesan


Grilled or fried chicken breast topped with our
marinara and shredded mozzarella served over your
choice of fettuccine or penne

Baked Mac n Cheese


Family Favorite! Sharp cheddar cheese and a cracker
crumb topping

Add a protein - Bacon $1.50, Chicken $4, hot dogs $2.50,
shrimp $6, lobster (market price) or
seafood combo $10 (shrimp & haddock)

Build your own pasta


Pick your pasta - fettuccine or Penne
Choose a sauce - Marinara, Alfredo, Scampi or Pesto
Add veggies - broccoli, mushrooms, onion,
gr. pepper and/or peas

Add a protein - Bacon $1.50, Chicken $4, shrimp $6,
lobster (Market Price) or seafood combo $10 (shrimp & haddock)

Pasta dishes come with veg of the day, pasta salad or coleslaw and a roll Add Side salad $1.99
Build your own pasta sauces are gluten free and gluten free penne available on request